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Themefood Wordpress Theme
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Themefood WordPress Theme is appears to be a WordPress theme specifically designed for creating online food ordering websites with a focus on WhatsApp integration.

Here's a breakdown of what ThemeFood offers:

  • Focus on Online Ordering: This theme seems particularly suited for websites where customers can directly order food through the website.
  • WhatsApp Integration: A key feature of ThemeFood is its integration with WhatsApp, allowing customers to potentially contact the business or complete their orders through WhatsApp.
  • Distance-Based Shipping Costs: The theme might have functionalities to calculate shipping costs based on the customer's distance.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: ThemeFood is advertised as a budget-friendly option for businesses to set up their online ordering system without needing extensive developer involvement.

Template Details:

Template NameThemefood WordPress Theme
Created on2020
Last updated onNovember 11, 2021

Template feature:

  • Checkout via WhatsApp
  • Distance Based Shipping
  • Realtime Courier Tracking
  • Delivery Service Postage
  • Online and Print Shopping Receipts
  • CS Rotation for Every Incoming Lead
  • Variations & Order Notes per Product
  • Digital Menu Book (Dine-In)
  • CS Order & Performance Reports
  • Automatic Order Follow-Up Bot
  • PWA Instant App (Can Be Installed)
  • Javascript Based (Super Fast)
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Demo - Preview | Download - Purchase :



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Check out the Themefood WordPress Theme v1.3.3, which is the most recent generation of the template and offers even more sophisticated functionality and customization choices. Now is the time to download and install it to advance your blogging!


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