Fitrah Press Blogger Template

01/12/2023 · Updated on: 16/12/2023

Fitrah Press Blogger Template
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Fitrah Press Blogger Template is one of the tamplates that carries a simple, comprehensive, and focused theme. Only use single lay out posts that try to provide focused content and reduce bounce rate. So writers and readers are not pollinated with sidebars, widgets, and more.

The name Fitrah Press itself comes from a combination of several words that I think are suitable to be used in this tamplate. First, Fitrah (Arabic) which means to open and Press (English) which means to press. So my definition of ngaco is to open a simple display to hit the focal point of the reader.

Template Details:

Template NameFitrah Press Blogger Template
Created on2020
Last updated onNovember 6, 2020

Template feature:

1. 100% Responsive and Pleasant to Read
Carrying a simple and focused theme and seeing the famous tamplate for the wordpress platform, namely generate press, I try to provide the value of simplicity and firmness in every element in this tamplate.

The goal is to provide comfort to readers to enjoy the string of words written in the blog with the theme.

2. Seo Friendly
Tamplate fitrah press is equipped with a data structure that insyallah is complete and even if there are shortcomings, next I will update to make this tamplate better. Therefore, please review it in the comments below.

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In this tamplate already uses the latest Json-Ld which allows Google to get bloh coverage according to the needs of the readers. Breadcrumb has also been updated and insyallah will not receive warnings from google. Toc blogger is one of the important elements that I think must be present so that our article sitelinks appear.

And there are many others that if I explain it becomes long. Maybe it's next.

3. Free Tis Tis Tis, No Pay
Because it is a tamplate that I have used and thank God I have developed with all my abilities, I share it with you for free so that your traffic also increases to tens of thousands of pv per day.

Demo - Preview | Download :


In this article, I have shared Fitrah Press Blogger Template, I hope you have liked it Please do share it with your friends and follow our blog for more.

Check out the Fitrah Press Blogger Template v1.0.0, which is the most recent generation of the template and offers even more sophisticated functionality and customization choices. Now is the time to download and install it to advance your blogging.


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